Mona Ramamurthy


 Mona Ramamurthy is an HR leader at Google. She leads a people consultant team that supports over 10,000 Google Cloud employees. She is based in the Bay Area in California. Hardworking, observant, and people-oriented, Mona Ramamurthy uses her extensive experience and knowledge in both technology and business to provide effective leadership to those under her management.

Since graduating from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law with her Juris Doctor in 2003, Mona Ramamurthy has been actively involved in careers related to various technologies. Her educational background gives her higher education in Economics and Law, but Mona was able to use her background and incorporate it into technological fields. She was a Senior Employment Counsel with Symantec Corporation for four years; the company is a multinational software company with over 18,500 employees in over 50 countries. Though she wasn’t directly involved in the technological aspect of the business—she was instead a senior member on the law team—it allowed her to dip her toes into the industry at large.

Mona Ramamurthy was the Head of Human Resources & Employment Counsel at a private biotechnology company. This made her a member of the executive leadership team for the startup. Mona reported directly to the CEO and was responsible for every aspect of Human Resources: recruiting, rewards, employee relations and communications, and technology and operations related directly to Human Resources. Her leadership excelled in this executive leadership role; the position let her flex her law knowledge to manage disputes, investigations, litigation, and other aspects of employment law. She grew the Human Resources team from four people to over thirty people and, over the span of five years, quadrupled the company’s size from 200 to 800 employees. This growth includes the company’s expansion to other states.

Mona Ramamurthy has been employed with Google since 2018. She initially started in People Partner and gTech Professional Services (gPS) to coach and advise VPs and other senior leaders across the organization in various people priorities. Mona highlighted talent, organizational design and health, career development, and a number of other areas that would be beneficial for both the organization and the well-being of Google’s employees. Her expertise in employment law gives her the knowledge and background to resolve sensitive personnel situations, especially ones with high litigation and publicity risk, and her relative professional experience helped immensely in executing a global reorganization that impacted over one thousand Googlers.

Until July 2021, Mona Ramamurthy was the Manager of the gTech Learning & Development (L&D) team. Much like her current position as a People Consultant Manager for the Cloud, Mona led a seven-person gTech learning team toward success in the department. The team was responsible for multiple global programs and creating global, organization-wide content related to key people priorities. Her capabilities extended across over 700 gTech managers and 4,000 managers GBO-wide. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Mona Ramamurthy transformed all learning content from in-person learning to virtual learning in a record amount of time.

Overall, Mona Ramamurthy is a hardworking and very experienced professional who is confident in her professional skills. She has outstanding leadership skills and always applies them however necessary to ensure that all work she does is of the highest quality.